What do tenants think of their home?

We recently invited all tenants to complete an online survey about their satisfaction with the condition of their property. 407 residents responded, providing their views.

Thank you to all who contributed, your opinions are being included in the development of an asset management strategy. We’ll use this strategy to plan how to maintain our properties in the future.

We know maintenance of your homes is important to all our tenants, and we wanted to let you know the results of the survey.


Overall satisfaction

There was a high level of satisfaction with our homes and neighbourhoods generally. But tenants were less likely to be satisfied with the ‘quality of their home’. Levels of dissatisfaction were low for all questions.


Rating of Aspects of Properties

We wanted to understand what aspects of tenants’ homes they were particularly happy or unhappy with.

Tenants were most likely to rate the following highly:

  1. Shared internal spaces (for example, corridors and hallways in blocks of flats)
  2. Electrics
  3. Heating
  4. Communal gardens


Tenants’ main concerns were:

  1. Windows
  2. Front/back doors
  3. Condensation
  4. Private gardens



Tenants were most likely to have concerns about windows and doors because they thought they were old and were worried about draughts and cost of heating the property as a result.

Gardens were often a concern due to the layout of the garden and the fact that many are built into a slope. Privacy was also mentioned, with residents preferring to have higher walls or fencing than they currently have in place.


What would you improve?

We asked tenants to choose one thing they wanted to improve in their home.  One fifth (21%) wanted to replace the kitchen. The main reasons given were the age and condition of the kitchen.

Moving home

One in six tenants said they were considering moving home, the majority of these would like to move in the next 12 months. We asked why these tenants wanted to move, and this was usually because they needed a bigger property (41%), wanted to be near family (30%), or because they didn’t like the area (25%).


Thank you!

We’re pleased to see so many tenants are happy with their homes, but we recognise there are some things residents would like improved. The data you’ve provided us in this survey is helping us develop a strategy for improvement works across our housing stock.

We will be speaking to some tenants who completed the survey in more detail about what they’ve said, so we can understand their experiences better. If you receive a call, please help us by answering our questions. If it’s not convenient, we can call you back.