Property Disrepair and Claims

What is a disrepair ?

A disrepair means that your property requires repair for it to be safe and suitable for you to live in. This is our responsibility as your landlord.

If you think your home needs a repair, please contact us as soon as you can – you can do this by calling 0345 260 2633 or email We want to work with you to make sure your home is safe for you and your family.

What if your home is in disrepair?

If we don’t meet our responsibility of completing repairs in a reasonable time, your home could be said to be in disrepair. If you feel this is the case, please contact us as soon as possible on 0345 260 2633 and we will arrange to visit you to discuss it further.

We’re here to help

It’s important to us that you’re happy with the services we provide. We’ll do everything we can to support you and look after your home. If you are unhappy with any part of our repairs service, we recommend that you speak with us so that we can put the problem right. If that doesn’t work, you can make a formal complaint by emailing

Claim management companies

You may have been approached by claim management companies about making a claim against us for disrepair. They may ask you whether you would like them to represent you in court to get compensation from us.

We would like to make you aware that these companies may not be what they seem. They may not give you all the information you need before you agree to work with them, and they could put you at serious financial risk.

We’re here to support you

As your landlord, we’re here to support you and, work with you to look after your home. We want to protect you from claim management companies and explain the factors and risks you need to consider if you’re thinking of making a claim. We would like to discuss any issues you may have in your home before any action is taken. Your repairs will be completed quicker if you speak to us, as the disrepair process can take a long time. The most important thing for us is that your home is safe for you and your family.

What are the risks of using claim management companies?

It affects other services we provide

Defending disrepair cases is extremely expensive. Any money we spend on these claims takes away from funding for repairs, planned maintenance and essential support services.

What happens if I decide not to make a disrepair claim?

We highly recommend that you do not go ahead with a disrepair claim and work with us to repair your home. We’ll arrange for a surveyor, trained in assessing disrepairs, to carry out a survey in your home. During the survey, they’ll make a note of any repairs your home needs and agree a way forward. If repairs have been identified, we’ll arrange to visit your home and carry out the work.

Other support

There is lots of free and impartial advice available if you are not happy with the service you have received from us or are concerned about the standard of your home. These include:

Citizens Advice Bureau
Shelter Cymru – Home is everything
TPAS Cymru

If you are not happy with our response and have made a formal complaint, then you are entitled to speak to the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales who will investigate your complaint further.

Be aware

All of our staff, especially our surveyors and maintenance staff carry ID, please ask for this when they visit you. You can also confirm the identity of that member of staff by calling us on 0345 260 2633.

If you get a visitor at your home and you’re unsure who they are, please call the Police on 101.

Hidden costs

Claim management companies may tell you that they operate on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis. This may be true, but we’ve seen examples where tenants have faced thousands of pounds of debt as a result of signing up to agreements.

Fees if you change your mind

Tenants have told us that they have been put under pressure and have not been able to stop a claim when they have changed their mind. These companies may also not explain that if your case goes to court and is dismissed, you could be ordered to pay our legal costs, which could be thousands of pounds.

It takes a long time to resolve

Some claims can take years to resolve, and you may have to appear in court to give evidence as part of the process, which can be distressing.

You could be in breach of your contract

During this time, most companies acting on your behalf will advise you not to allow access to us to visit your home to do any repairs. This will put you in breach of your contract with us.