Have Your Say…

Every year, we review our rents and, how we make sure we are spending that money on things our tenants and our communities really need. It is why we are asking you to have your say, as your views will help shape what is to come over the next year and into the future.

We know that the cost-of-living crisis continues to have a huge impact on so many of us and our Have Your Say Survey is all about making sure that we are able to help support you in whatever way possible. You could also be in with the chance of winning a £25 Amazon voucher by just sharing your views.

So why are we doing this now?

Did you know that rents are regulated by Welsh Government? It means that each year, they issue guidance on the level of rent increase they will allow and also, what they expect from landlords like us to consider when setting our rents for the year ahead including affordability for our tenants and communities. This year, they told us that the maximum increase they will allow is 6.5% which is well below inflation. We must now balance an increase with your needs – which is why we’re asking you to Have Your Say – as well as the costs of running our business, providing services and planning for a sustainable future.

We know that the decisions we make about your rent, and how we spend the money we collect, are extremely important, particularly because things remain a little uncertain. We want you to have your say and influence the decisions we make.

Things we need to consider

When setting our rent, we consider a number of factors that have had an impact over the course of the last year, things like fuel price increases or the costs of building materials. All of these things have to covered through the money receive, while also ensuring that you have affordably warm homes that are secure and safe, so you can keep on living your life. It is about the investment that we can make into our services so that you have the right services in the right areas, at the right time for the right people. We truly want you to be able to find your potential – whatever that looks like.

However, we are also now focused on reducing our carbon footprint and our impact on the environment; it is why we are working to improve the energy efficiency of our existing homes and also, building homes that are that way from the first time we (or you) open the front door.

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Our affordable rent policy

We aim to ensure that our rents provide value for money, while balancing affordability for the rents and service charges being paid by our tenants, along with making sure that as a landlord, we are able to maintain our duties in the long term. This policy also helps support our corporate ambition to build more affordably warm, energy efficient homes.

It is about making sure that our rents and service charges are within reach of those in lower paid jobs and meet the definition of providing Living Rent. We are still working towards this approach with the aim of our rents not exceeding 28% of average workplace earnings within our communities.

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