Social landlord Cynon Taf Community Housing Group (CTCHG) has committed to achieving the prestigious quality mark for the Welsh housing sector delivered by Tai Pawb.  

This quality mark provides a comprehensive framework that allows organisations like CTCHG to review and improve their equality and diversity impact across key areas such as governance, services, access, involvement, and culture.   

Auriol Miller, group chief executive, said, “The QED award is a commitment to creating a space that is equal, diverse, and inclusive for colleagues, as well as across our communities by improving their experiences and highlighting areas of good practice. For us, it is about making a positive difference to everyone who is part of #TeamCynonTaf.   

“This mark offers a real opportunity for us to measure and demonstrate progress through a clear framework that aims to transform our organisational thinking, services, and culture so that EDI becomes second nature to us all.”

Over the next year, CTCHG will be working with Tai Pawb to deliver on its commitment to ensure that it achieves the following outcomes: 

  • Outcome 1: A strategic approach is taken to achieving EDI in everything that the organisation does 
  • Outcome 2: Services delivered are fair, don’t discriminate and meet people’s needs, continually responding to changes and challenges as they develop 
  • Outcome 3: All people are aware of, can access and have positive experiences of services delivered  
  • Outcome 4: As a result of inclusive and meaningful involvement, the organisation is fairer and more responsive in how it works and what it does 
  • Outcome 5: The organisation is an inclusive workplace with a culture which values, promotes and embraces equality, diversity, and inclusion. 

Rob Milligan from Tai Pawb added, Here at Tai Pawb we are really looking forward to supporting Cynon Taf through the QED reaccreditation journey. We have been heartened to see the groundswell from staff around the award and EDI in general. Through the process we hope to shine a light on the good practice at Cynon Taf, all the great things that are already going on. We will also be able to point out room for improvement, and through this process we will guide Cynon Taf in taking its performance on EDI to the next level.  

“The QED Award is a robust framework for EDI performance that takes time and commitment, and Cynon Taf have achieved it once before in the past, showing they have what it takes! Get on board, the journey’s already begun.” 

The QED award is only available to social landlords and Cynon Taf Community Housing Group is one of ten organisations who have gained the prestigious equality and diversity accreditation.  

For more information about Cynon Taf Community Housing Group’s work on equality, diversity and inclusion, click here.